American born, and self-taught artist Steven McNeely was born in Southern California on January 7th, 1977. Inspired by talented American artists such as Todd Schorr and Robert Williams as well as the Old Masters such as Jan van Eyck and Johannes Vermeer,  are among the many artists that have kept him motivated and influenced as an artist and to keep pursuing him to do what he was born to do.

    Steven has said, "I can remember starting out drawing very young, when I was as a child I would draw on napkins in restaurants with my parents while waiting to eat, my mom always had an extra ink pen or pencil for me in her purse to draw with, but I didn't know I had any real talent until my 7th grade art teacher started to enter my drawings into art contests and I won 1st place in a few of them, that's when my obsession with art really began".

    Whether it's using paint, pencil or ink Steven has a passion for all different types of media. Steven has said, "Typically I loved to do Photo-realism when I do a painting or pencil drawing, I love to look at the final piece and have it resemble the model or photograph as closely as possible but should still look like it was painted or drawn."

    But with so many talented artists out there in the world Steven has often said he is still continuously amazed by the direction art is going in the world, He has said "Sometimes I see an artists work and say to myself, Wow! I really wish that I painted that, and that's when I know I love something...out of jealousy", but that just inspires me even more to want to go further with my art and have people to see on canvas or paper what has come from my imagination and for them to see what I see...because art is emotion, and if we didn't have any we would be watching television right now."

    "I feel that I can have a connection with a person when they can appreciate and love my artwork as much as I do, because they know and understand the time and effort that can go into a painting from beginning to end. My artwork is like my children and sometimes it can be hard to let them go at any price.

    Steven has also said, "I know there is still so much for me to learn, and since I've been living here in Germany Art has become my full-time career, and I've had more opportunities while living here in Europe than I ever had living in America. With so much culture and art history in Europe I am thankful to be here in the heart of where visual art...and...the artist is still well respected. "